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PosterMan - Music and Film MemorabiliaAbout Poster Man
Music and Film Memorabilia

Posterman first began supplying music and film memorabilia in way back in the earliy 80's.

Since this time we have built and maintained an excellent reputation for supplying top quality merchandise all over the world at a fair price.

Hence we are proud to have remained successful in business for 25 years

Privacy Statement

April 2006

This document outlines our commitment to our customer's right to privacy pertaining to personal information when ordering merchandise from Poster Man. This includes all information you supply, including name & address details and credit card information.

Poster Man does hereby state that under no circumstances will any information about any of our customers be divulged to any third party for any purpose, except where required by the ordering or shipping process (see below). Furthermore, we will not lend, sell, or otherwise transfer information about any individual or group of customers to any third party advertising agency or company for the purposes of advertising or targeted marketing.

We make every effort to ensure that all details are kept secure and not available to any third party by means of unauthorised access to any computer system. However, we cannot guarantee this security any more than any other web-based e-tailer can, due to constantly changing security threats on the Internet.We should make it plain, however, that credit-card fraud or misuse on the Internet is rare, and by no means any more or less common than in any other area of finance.

Poster Man have processed thousands of orders and have never had a reported case of fraud.

While some details must be divulged to third-parties in order to complete an order (e.g. credit clearing houses and shipping companies) we make every reasonable effort to ensure that these companies are respectable and worthy of trust.

Furthermore we retain details of every transaction so that we may trace those responsible in the unlikely event of fraudulent misuse.Above all, please remember that purchasing goods over the Internet is reliable and safe as long as you, the customer, exercise reasonable caution as to who you are dealing with!

Poster Man - Peace of mind when buying online.

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